Core responsibilities

The main duties of the Vice President Medicine (UMZH) include

  • implementation of the new structure (UMZH governance)
  • further development of the UMZH research strategy (Dachstrategie)
  • input, contact and exchange with the Advisory Council UMZH (Beirat)
  • strategic resource and financial planning for the UMZH
  • management of the Faculty of Medicine, together with the Dean and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

In addition, the Vice President Medicine has representative functions at national and international level. She is in constant contact and exchange with the UZH and other partner institutions, such as ETH Zurich. 

The Vice President Medicine is also responsible for setting up the new UMZH coordination model (Koordinationsmodell), as described in the Verordnung Forschung und Lehre des Kantons Zürich.

The Division Structure and Development of the Head office Vice President Medicine supports the Vice President Medicine in her tasks. In particular

  • handling of strategic projects
  • development of the new organisational structure (UMZH governance and coordination model)
  • processing of faculty-specific concerns and applications
  • public relations work as well as internal and external communication