Office Vice President Medicine

The Vice President Medicine (UMZH) is a member of the Executive Board of the University Zurich and is responsible for the interests of the Faculty of Medicine. Together with the Dean and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, it forms the Board of Directors UMZH. The Board of Directors acts as a central contact point for all concerns in the field of academic biomedical research and teaching.

The Vice President Medicine (UMZH) is also chairwoman of the Coordination Committee UMZH (Koordinationsgremium UMZH) and as such responsible for the coordination of academic medical research and teaching between the UZH and the UMZH network partners.

The Division structure and development of the Head office of the Vice President Medicine (UMZH) supports the Board of Directors UMZH and is committed to a fast and competent handling of your questions and concerns in the academic medicine in Zurich.